This here is the episode guide for Sample Central in which I play and discuss various attributes of classic .MOD tracked music.

It's gotten to the point where I really felt I needed to catalog every episode and write a bit about what is contained within. If in part, to act as a guide for you, dear listener. So you may make informed choices as to how to spend your precious free time listening to me ramble incessantly about subject matter I have only but the most moderate understanding and experience of, but in turn, the highest respect and regard. I struggled with the implications of such a document, as I have an impish idealism in the notion of discovery. Spinning the wheel of chance and taking what fate deems necessary to present you with. Or even just the idea of forcing one to listen to it all from the beginning to satisfy my own lust for admiration, to simply stroke my ego and give all this effort purpose.

But no, alas I have more trivial and selfish desire to lay it all out here. I honestly have just started to get to the point where my already frail and slipping memory lets me down more and more with each rotation of the earth. Simply put, I forget what the hell I play on here sometimes, and this document may serve as a database of sorts. A reminder of what has come before so I may not repeat myself, at least as far as the music that I present. I do hereby promise, I will continue to repeat my expressions and meager vocabulary, so don't worry about that, my friends. So without further ado, and already nauseating pretense, here is your Sample Central episode guide. Please consider listening from the start, as journey's go in this life, it is mostly painless. But I will not look down upon your desire to hone in on the particular one of my creations you best wish to get aquainted with, so please, carry on and I do so genuinely hope you enjoy as little or as much of it as you will. Thank you.

EPISODE 001 : 1:00:00 running time

The start of it all, where I proudly proclaim to not just be another DJ show. Spoiler alert, I end up doing mostly that.

Songs played:

Radix - Donovan's Moonbike

Purple Motion - When The Heavens Fall

Scirrocco - Hyperdrive

Basehead - Dope For Your Mind

Necros - Isotoxin

TE-2RB - Mellow-d

Bit - Digital Dreamland

Epsilon - Hypernecalum

Edge - Armani Showers

Mefis - Grey

The Stranger - Impulse

Skaven - Datajack

EPISODE 002 : 1:00:00 running time

2019 First half demoparty retrospective.

e!ghtbm - Minnetronix

Maze - Butterfly Jive

Mrs. Beanbag/Rift - Funkanova

Volume OK - Baggage Disaster

e!ghtbm - System Override

Roz - Breakdown

EA - Time of Changes

Juzdie - 155k Goldie

Juzdie - 500 Amigas En El Club

Jean Nine/Matt Current - Per Celer

Da Ghettotrackaz - Fuck

Bathroom key/Lynn Drumm/TERROR TODDLER - Overdose

e!ghtbm - The University of The 90s

Dunz0r - Low Power Consumption

Snable - Power Hour

fsfreak - Weasel Casino

Aceman - Sugar Rush

Curt Cool/Depth - Due Diligence

Bonefish/Dascon/Mygg - Keith

EPISODE 003 : 1:00:00 running time

The classic Music Contest 4 (MC4) hosted by Hornet - 1996

Soundmaster - Mankind Roots

Hunz - Surrender

Rage - Over the Seas

Yannis - Dysfunctional Tendencies

Zodiak - Ejector

Floss - Final Equinox

Dustbin - Tienimi Vicino

Siren - Universe Electric

Necros - Tangerine Fascination

WAVE - Pools of Poison

EPISODE 004 : 1:00:00 running time

Special guest GIR (aka Ducky, aka my wife) joins us by serving as judge in a battle of U.S. vs. U.K. in the ultimate recreation of the Revolutionary War.

4mat - World of Love vs. Beat - Penguin Night

Necros - Exuding Titleness vs. Big Jim - Another Day

Fobia - Captivated vs. Basehead - Northstar

Nuke - Jag Title tune vs. C.C.Catch - One Must Fall 03

Smash - There Goes the Neighborhood vs. Necros - Grey Note

BONUS TUNES: Coda - Scratchbacker and Liam the Lemming - Living the Dream

EPISODE 005 : 1:00:00 running time Random! We hop on over to The Mod Archive and play whatever silliness pops up on random.

Diamondus - Jazz Jackrabbit download link

Ceekayed - Frozen download link

M&M Dreamteam - Weinbrand Bohnen download link

Dark Factory - One The Dancefloor download link

Unkown - Aol Rap download link

rickz - Mocking Bird - download link

otton - Sweetness of Dream - download link

Unkown - Weird Fuzz download link

Micke - Dangerous Trip download link

Sumerian Boy - El Dorado - This song is no longer listed on the site but a different tune upload Jan 2018 with the exact same filename is different. Hmmm.

Delt - Orion download link

Carlos - Grandpa Blues download link

Xyzzy - Moonlit Skies download link

Flashy - Lack of Knowledge download link

Vidar/Hallstein - Sweet Child download link

Bruno - Slidepick download link

EPISODE 006 : 1:19:22 running time

The Future Crew Tribute Disk - 1996

Disk 1 - download link

Disk 2 - download link

Zinc - Astraying Voyages

Floss - Blurr

Atlantic - Captured Sun

Elemental - Nova Revisited

Necros - Ice Frontier (cavern remix)

Mick Rippon - When the Heavens Fall

Daedalus - Near Dark (Twilight Remix)

Rage - World of Plastic

DNA-Groove - Purple Sky

Liam The Lemming - Why Can't You Remember Me? (Nights of Heartache Mix)

Siren - Satellite One (Ultramix)

Scirrocco - Unreal2 Scirreal Mix

The Zapper! - The SSI Demo Song

Zauron - Skyrider

Episode 007 : 1:00:00 Runtime

The METAL Episode

Showcasing just a tiny cross section of some of best of the underground tracked metal scene.

Betrayer - Snailhunt

Corpse - To Trust or to Lie

Galahad - Deformity

Cadaver - Journey to the Netherworld

Frizzle Fried - Thrash or Be Thrashed

Stormcrow - Metratron

Adde - Sadness

Zack Ohren - Discombobled

Kiero - The Haunted Palace

Skarf - Beholding the Torment of Christ

Hybrido - Bloodred Mal

Agent M - Freedom, Metal & Might

Tarantula - Blood Against Fire

Of course this list is incomplete as of now, this is a ton more work to do all at once after 18 episodes already in the can, so be patient as I update it when I can, until the day I catch all the way up and can add to it as new episodes come out.

Episode 019 : 1:00:00 Runtime

(during new segment, excerpts)

ne7 - WaveOne - download link

Mr. Gamer - An-Ion - download link


Ultrasyd - Fed Up With ELISA - download link

4mat - Broken Heart - download link

Mosfets - Mrs. Beanbag - download link

Dropzone - Comatron and Mygg - download link

Stratosphere Dive - Aceman - download link

Endless Rat Race - Cranksy - download link

Motion - Evil - download link

Saucer Assault - Aceman - download link

Kudos8 - Evil - download link

Hollywood Sunset Blvd. - e!ghtbm - download link

Bank - govatsapadam - download link

Siemen - Roz - download link

Eldon Square (Stinkin' Park) - Mibri - download link

Talossa II (edit) - Laamaa - download link

Keep an eye on this directory for when new episodes are uploaded, or of course follow me on Twitter as I always post about new episodes there first!